Coming soon - The Odyssey

kusa, 17.09.14

Bromage bought a boat and got me a GoPro so we could play in the water

New theatre show by Tim Bromage.

Visuals by me; music and programming by Jon Ruddick.

THE ODYSSEY opens this years Experimentica festival of enormous farts at Chapter in november. for tickets.

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Dyddiadur Dews on TV now!

kusa, 16.09.14 is live!

Dyddiadur Dews on TV now!

I made a website.

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dyddiadur dews,, kusa, website, animal sex

Jemma Roper - Death Meta

kusa, 19.05.14

Analogue glitchcore found object art lie

Out now at

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jemma roper, death meta, kusa

Volver A La Vida

kusa, 03.01.14

Video I made with Tina Pasotra, Angharad Matthews and Jonathan Griffiths.

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volver a la vida, volver, tina pasotra, kusa, angharad matthews, jonathan griffiths


kusa, 23.10.13

Temporal wizardry by Myles Leadbeatter

Documenting an exhibition at ArcadeCardiff by the fabulous Myles Leadbeatter. Wooden columns are hung from a frame and programmed to react to human contact.

Scroll further down the blog for the making of.

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myles leadbeatter, kusa, actuated lab, arcadecardiff, arcade cardiff, columns

"What I Learned From Yugoslavia"

kusa, 14.08.13

A scene from a film that won't ever be made

While doing some research for a new music video I lost a whole morning (as regularly happens) to the wikipedia black hole and spent I don’t know how long reading about Yugoslavia. Not wanting the morning to be a right off, I wrote this…

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what i learned from yugoslavia, kusa

Hold The Phone!

kusa, 13.08.13

by Kitsch & Sync Collective

A scene from “Private Eye Detective” by Kitsch & Sync Collective that we made into a short video.

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kusa, kitsch & sync, kitsch n sync, private eye detective, hold the phone, tiger rag, swing republic

In The Oak Light

kusa, 07.08.13

Bromage got himself a smoke machine!

In The Oak Light

Some photos I took for an upcoming show/film work by Tim Bromage that I’ll be working on.

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tim bromage, kusa, in the oak light

Building "Columns"

kusa, 19.06.13

Pretty sure these guys are actual wizards

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myles leadbeatter, columns, building columns, actuated lab, arcade cardiff, michael gouza

Built To Last

kusa, 03.06.13

Making marks, traces, imprints with paint and movement

Excerpts from an installation performance produced by Beth Powlesland

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built to last, beth powlesland, kusa, jessie brett, lara ward, tactile bosch

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